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Optimizing Oral Hygiene: Techniques and Tools for the Best Clean

The Protective Power of Fluoride

At Crown Dental Inglewood, we advocate for the beneficial effects of fluoride in strengthening teeth and preventing cavities. Under the expert care of Drs. Barooty and Bandary at our clinic located at 1295 S La Brea Ave #101, Inglewood, CA, this blog aims to explain how fluoride acts as a protective agent for your teeth and enhances overall dental health.

The Scientific Basis for Fluoride Use

Fluoride fortifies tooth enamel—the outer protective layer of teeth—against the acids that promote tooth decay. Drs. Barooty and Bandary will explain the process of demineralization and remineralization and how fluoride interacts with the teeth to improve their resistance to decay.

Sources and Application of Fluoride

Fluoride is available in several forms, including fluoridated water, specific foods, and dental products like toothpaste and mouth rinses. The benefits of professional fluoride treatments at Crown Dental Inglewood are also discussed, offering a higher concentration of fluoride for enhanced cavity protection.

Addressing Fluoride Concerns

While fluoride is widely accepted and recommended by dental professionals, some patients have concerns about its use. This section addresses these concerns by providing evidence-based reassurances about the safety and effectiveness of fluoride, especially when used according to guidelines provided by dental health professionals.

Embracing Fluoride for Better Dental Health

Drs. Barooty and Bandary and the team at Crown Dental Inglewood encourage the use of fluoride as a major component of preventive dental care. Understanding its benefits allows patients to make informed choices about their oral health care routines.

For more information about fluoride treatments or to schedule an appointment, please contact Crown Dental Inglewood at (310) 672-0129. Visit our website to learn more about the benefits of fluoride and other services we offer.