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Understanding Gum Disease: Protect Your Smile with Dr. Barooty & Dr. Bandary at Crown Dental Inglewood

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a pervasive but often overlooked threat to dental health, making its way quietly into millions of mouths globally. At Crown Dental Inglewood, located at 1295 S La Brea Ave #101, Inglewood, CA 90301, we work diligently to raise awareness about this silent intruder, emphasizing its prevention and the solutions we offer under the guidance of Dr. Barooty & Dr. Bandary.

Deciphering Gum Disease

Gum disease begins as inflammation of the gums, usually due to plaque accumulation at the gumline. When left untreated, it progresses, threatening tooth loss and can even impact overall health. For a broader understanding and latest research on gum disease, the American Academy of Periodontology is a reliable resource.

Stages of Gum Disease
  • Gingivitis: This initial stage is marked by red, swollen gums that might bleed during brushing. Fortunately, it’s reversible with proper oral care.
  • Periodontitis: Untreated gingivitis can advance to this stage. Gums start to recede, creating pockets susceptible to infection. The damage at this stage is irreversible but manageable.
  • Advanced Periodontitis: This severe stage leads to the destruction of fibers and bone supporting the teeth, resulting in shifting or loss of teeth.
Risk Factors and Prevention

Several elements can increase the risk of developing gum disease, such as inadequate oral hygiene, smoking, diabetes, hormonal changes, and genetic predisposition. Regular check-ups and maintaining optimal oral hygiene practices are crucial preventive measures.

Treatment Modalities at Crown Dental Inglewood

Depending on the severity, Dr. Barooty & Dr. Bandary provide a range of treatments including:

  • Professional Cleaning: Vital for removing tartar and educating patients about maintaining oral hygiene.
  • Scaling and Root Planing: This involves deep cleaning where tartar is scraped off from above and below the gum line.
  • Medications: Antimicrobial mouth rinses or oral antibiotics can be administered to reduce bacteria and inflammation.
    Surgical Treatments: For advanced cases, procedures like flap surgery or bone and tissue grafts may be required.


Gum disease may be a silent assailant, but its progression can be halted with regular dental visits and rigorous oral hygiene. If gum health is a concern, contact Crown Dental Inglewood at (310) 672-0129 or pay a visit to our Inglewood practice for comprehensive care and guidance from Dr. Barooty & Dr. Bandary.